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December Daily


For many years I marvelled at people who were able to keep a Christmas journal. I signed up for a class one year – that didn’t work for me at all. Another year I bought a specific kit and that didn’t work for me either. I have several failed attempts, sad, barely started, excuses for Christmas journals. Until last year. Last year I finally figured out a method that suited me, and I had a fully finished Christmas journal, complete, all finished by about 10th January. Last year’s journal was very small but because it was a total success, I decided to step it up a notch this year to a bigger journal, with a whole page layout for every day of December.

My successful method last year was to work small. To choose my own supplies. And to pre-make all of my ‘layouts’. I actually chose to work with divided 12×12 page protectors, the Design A ones, and each pocket was a day in December, so a lot of my ‘layouts’ were as tiny as 3×4″. This year I upsized to 6×8 pages but not divided into pockets – I hoped this would give me a little more freedom. I’m used to working in a large format – 12×12. Even though I also do Project Life in pocketed page protectors, those are still an overall double page spread of 12×24″, so 6×8″ meant a real downsize for me.  I also almost never (literally, I can’t remember if I have ever…) worked in any other format that square, so again 6×8″ was quite a change for me.

I totally chose my own supplies. I didn’t even look at what other people were selling as kits for December projects. I started by browsing the Christmas section of the website and settled on Elle’s Studio ‘Good Cheer’. I definitely didn’t want traditional Christmas colours and I wanted something fun, and ‘Good Cheer’ was totally perfect. I bought two each of each of the papers as well as the ‘Bits & Pieces’, Blank Labels, Word Labels, Cut Outs, Journaling Tags and Wood Veneer. That was a good start. I also settled on the Heidi Swapp ‘Gold Foil’ Project Life Value kit, as the colours in those cards went really well with ‘Good Cheer’.  I bumped up my ‘kit’ with white cardstock, some American Crafts glitter paper, and a number of embellishments by Freckled Fawn.


Given that I put my success last year down to pre-making all my layouts, just leaving room for photos and journaling, I decided to do the same thing this year. I failed. I had only made 6 by the beginning of December. I bumped that up to 10 by the 7th December but then I wanted to started adding photos and journaling to the first few base pages, so I did. And then I relaxed a bit about the whole process and just go with the flow.  Given that I was a little bit behind I decided that making ALL my base pages might be a bit much and therefore I settled on making a few at a time, then filling in a few at a time, then going back to making a few more base pages, and then going back to fill in a few more pages. It’s the 28th December today and I’ve made all my base pages now and have filled in to 23rd December, so I’m doing pretty well and I am completely confident that I will complete this project as I go and be totally finished by about 2nd-3rd January. I may even add in a few more pages to document the beginning of my January.

So, are you ready for my base pages – there’s 31 of them as well as a front cover! I left out day 25 (Christmas Day) because I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to do anything different for that. Now that Christmas Day is over I know I want to make it a double page spread, one side being a full 6×8″ photo and the other containing a couple of small photos and my journaling, but that is missing from the photos below (in case you noticed!)


Base 1-2

Base 3-4

Base 5-6

Base 7-8


Base 11-12

Base 13-14

Base 15-16

Base 17-18

Base 19-20

Base 21-22

Base 23-24

Base 26-27

Base 28-29

Base 30-31

My finished layouts so far are below. For the sake of space on here (I’m sorry this is such a photo heavy post), I’ve added them in groups of three, but they display as double pages in my album:

December Daily

December Daily1

December Daily2

December Daily3

December Daily4

December Daily5

December Daily6

December Daily7

I hope you’ve enjoyed my December Daily album so far and hearing about my process. I’ll try to include a link to my finished album on my next post so that you can see the whole thing complete.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas xx

Supplies used:

Project Life 6×8 Faux Leather Cherry Album

Project Life 6×8 Page protectors

Elle’s Studio Good Cheer – Papers, Bits & Pieces, Blank Labels, Word Labels, Cut Outs, Journaling Tags and Wood Veneer.

Heidi Swapp Gold Foil Value Kit

Freckled Fawn Dew Drop arrow stickers

Various other Freckled Fawn embellishments




  1. Claire

    I am in awe Niki ! I’ve never finished a Christmas album either but this year I’ve got one ready made … Maybe this is the year I’ll actually finish one . A lovely record to have of your Christmas .

  2. Julie taylor

    Well done to you Niki, I too have never finished a Christmas album although it’s always on my to do list

  3. AgnieszkaBe

    Niki I’m so jealous… I did my December Daily as well but after six days I just gave up. And your is just awesome!!!!