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Rub-on’s… how I’ve missed you!

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If like me you’ve missed rub-on’s, Paige Taylor Evans latest collection ‘Pick-Me-Up‘ has some!

And these are rub-on’s that are easy to use… Unlike other rub-on’s they glide onto the paper so smoothly.

As soon as they arrived, I had to purchase them. Them, plus other items from the collection and some Mermaid Markers.

The ‘Pick-Me-Up‘ name is so apt. With so many bright colours, it’ll cheer up the gloomiest of days.

For my first layout ‘Sparkle’ I used a cut file of butterflies.

Having traced around them, I knew where to colour using the Mermaid Markers. I wanted the effect to be of ombre, so used blue and teal.

I must admit to using some water too, to soften the markers and better blend. Vicki Boutin has a fabulous mixed media pad that enables you to get your paper wet but it doesn’t crinkle. It’s perfect for all mixed media ladies amongst us…

Over the layout, I used a selection of vellum phrases from the specialist paper, along with with stickers and chipboard. An Amy Tan paper formed the perfect border for the layout, to show a scattering of teal hearts to match.

I found a Bella Boulevard acrylic word pack which hadn’t been open…. it has been now!

My second layout uses another cut file.

I tend to reach for these or pre-cut ones from the shop if my mojo needs a kick start.

As the photos reminded me of a sunset, I used the gorgeous ombre side of the no. 23 paper. A Dear Lizzie paper, bought on a whim was an ideal backdrop. I’m a bit of a calligraphy girl at heart and so the no. 17 paper, with its small text contrasted against the much larger font of the Dear Lizzie paper.

The rub-on’s, stickers and chipboard were all that was needed to use as embellishments to the layout, plus the gold Mermaid Marker.


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