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It’s time for me, Ida, again!

Autumn is soon here! Most of you are buying and using all the new scrapbook collections! So do I… but I also want to use some of my old stuff. 😀 Some pieces feels difficult to use… I just can’t make them work for project life or a layout… for this blog post I decided to tackle all those pieces! I’m talking about a vellum giraffe, crazy numbers, plastic flowers and ephemera with words!

Special words – Celebrate LO

In some collection packs you get ephemera with words that just don’t work for you or your life. I had some problems with all the birthday related words in some of the collections this year. It was too many “Celebrate” and “Happy birthday”… I saved one of them for a very special occasion! My daughter’s birthday!!!

… if you can’t use some ephemera or stickers right away… save them for the perfect moment! If you tend to buy the same brand… almost everything from older collections will match the newer stuff!

Celebrate - Ida Rosberg Celebrate - Ida Rosberg Celebrate - Ida Rosberg Celebrate - Ida Rosberg Celebrate - Ida Rosberg

Scrap paper – Lovely Day LO

I have a lot of scrap paper in my drawers. I want to use them… but when the pieces are too small I struggle… For this layout I found some old project life cards and some pieces of paper (from Maggie Holmes Confetti and Open Book) and decided to make some sort of grid layout. The grid layout is very popular right now… but can be hard to make. This type worked for me and I think I will do similar again. The photo and papers are 4*4 inch.

The decorations are from Maggie Holmes Confetti and some very old stuff from my stash.

Lovely Day - Ida Rosberg Lovely Day - Ida Rosberg Lovely Day - Ida Rosberg Lovely Day - Ida Rosberg

Crazy numbers – Sibling love LO

The numbers from Maggie Holmes are pretty… but they didn’t fit as week numbers on my project life spreads… I needed to make something else with them. So… I made a layout as a list!

The list is not an actual list, I just wrote my text in clusters around the photo. I put the numbers where I thought they matched with the shape of the text block. Easy-peasy!

Ida Rosberg - Sibling LoveIda Rosberg - Sibling LoveIda Rosberg - Sibling Love

Plastic Flowers – Banan LO

I loved all the flowers from Maggie Holmes Confetti! But the ones in plastic was hard to use… they didn’t work on all papers! The bold paper from Seven Paper has the same colors as the flowers and made them pop! I made a very clean layout, the colors are enough! 😀

“Banan” is banana in English! 😀

Ida Rosberg - BananIda Rosberg - BananIda Rosberg - Banan

The vellum giraffe – Love This LO

The giraffe was my favorite piece of the Confetti collection. I loved it! But how can you fit it on a layout? I will never have a photo that is perfect for a giraffe decoration… so I decided to just use it! Make it work!

I made some leaves and the title with the dies from Confetti and Open Book. If you have those dies… USE THEM! 😀

Ida Rosberg - Love ThisIda Rosberg - Love ThisIda Rosberg - Love ThisIda Rosberg - Love This

Shopping list:

That’s all from me this month! See you!



  1. Jo

    Oh I love them Ida. I absolutely love how you stitched the ‘celebrate’ title and the party hat in place on the first layout. And that giraffe looks perfect standing over your daughter!

  2. Natalia

    Oh hurrah Ida! You have used that giraffe so perfectly! Love your creative brain and the ideas you come up with – fab way to use all those little elements that sometimes get easily overlooked. 🙂